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We buy all brand new parts from OEM suppliers and assemble them into the complete engine in Stuart FL USA.  We test run each engine with a propeller before shipment.  We offer very reasonable OEM pricing for light aircraft manufacturers. We can help with engine mounts and firewall forward packages.  If you need more information please contact us by email or phone.  Visit our parts page for complete selection of new OEM parts.

We know you have a choice in aircraft engines and we work hard to make our engines the best choice for your aircraft and pocketbook.  Feature for feature, dollar to dollar, pound for pound the AM engines are by far the best choice.  Some of the modern features that most of the competition lack or charge you extra for are FADEC, 4 valves per cylinder, steel lined cylinders, tuned exhaust, choice of mounting and more.  AM offers all of this and more but at a cost well below the competition.

Our smaller engine is the 1.3 liter AM13 and puts out a very respectable 100 hp.  This engine is comparable in power and weight to the Rotax 912 and Continental O-200.  Our larger engine is 1.5 liter AM15 and puts out a class leading 117 hp.  This engine is comparable in power to the Lycoming O-235 but lighter in weight.  Each engine is built in both upright or low profile slant versions.  The upright versions are mostly used in trikes, light twins and replica aircraft that require a narrow engine package.  The low profile slant version places the engine at 70 degrees from vertical to fit more conventional cowlings.  Our low profile 70 degree slant versions are internally designed from the factory to be mounted at this angle and this is not an aftermarket modification that may affect reliability.

Please see our component pricing work sheet for additional pricing information.

All of these engines are great engines.  A lot can be seen by the specifications but please keep in mind that not all specifications are directly comparable.  Weight is one of these that each of the different engine companies do differently.  For example a stripped Rotax 912 is about 135 lbs but with exhaust, external alternator and other typical additions it is more near 165 lbs dry installed.  A stripped Lycoming O-235 is about 199 lbs but more typically is about 249 lbs dry installed. Even the Continental O-200 that has a stripped weight of about 170 lbs has a typical installed weight of 213 lbs dry.  In general the installation adds about 25% to the base engine weight.  The weights listed tend to be the fairly typical installed weight.

AM15 side view
AM15 top view
AM15 front view


At this time we are taking $1000 deposits via PayPal or check for delivery in about 60 days.  Deposits are refundable for 15 days.

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